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Eriez-Europe Expands Operations with New State-of-the-Art Paint Booths

Eriez Europe Paint Booth


Eriez-Europe Expands Operations with New State-of-the-Art Paint Booths

May 2024

Eriez-Europe has significantly advanced its operational capabilities with the addition of three custom-built paint booths at its Caerphilly, UK plant. This notable investment underscores the company's commitment to improving production processes, elevating product quality, strengthening environmental stewardship, and facilitating growth across Europe.

The recently installed paint booths offer substantial capacity and feature cutting-edge high-temperature "oven" drying functions, greatly reducing production times and enabling faster turnaround of painted products. Additionally, these booths are equipped with powerful duplex fans that maintain superior air quality within the workspace, fostering a healthier environment for employees and ensuring impeccable finish quality.

Gareth Thomas, Operations Director at Eriez-Europe, emphasizes that this latest investment marks an important milestone toward realizing the company’s ambitious long-term development goals. "By expanding paint line capacity, heightening efficiency, and supporting the production of a more consistent product while minimizing environmental impact, we are well-poised to embark on our next phase of expansion and sustainability objectives."

Commissioned for use in May 2024 and constructed by UK-based Rowley Spray Booths, these new paint booths are set to immediately streamline processes, boost productivity, and refine the overall quality of Eriez-Europe’s broad assortment of magnetic separation, metal detection, and material handling equipment.

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