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Eriez Bar Magnets

Powerful, compact and economical magnetic unit is ideal for many separation and automation functions


Bar Magnets



Eriez Bar Magnets

Available in a variety of sizes, Eriez Bar Magnets can be used in a wide range of applications. Two standard style bar magnets are available for your automation, separation and holding requirements. Reliable and economical, Eriez Bar Magnets are the answer to many magnetic application needs.


  • Reliable permanent magnetic power
  • Easy installation
  • Many applications
  • Wide range of lengths
  • Custom options available

Bantam Magnet

For Separation:

For removal of ferrous contamination present in small amounts in shallow flows of powder, granules, fibers, liquids. Mount over or under material flow - studs provide simple and easy installation.

High magnetic separation efficiency in removal of fine iron and small tramp iron from shallow flows of slow moving, non-sticky materials.

High gradient, concentrated, effective magnetic field within 1/2" (13 mm) of magnet face. Special units available for applications at temperatures over 200°F (93°C).


For Automation:

An ideal compact unit for use as a holding magnet or retaining and controlling magnet in automation processes. Complete enclosure of magnetic element prevents loss of magnetic strength from contact with surrounding equipment as would occur with use of unprotected magnetic castings.


The Eriez Magna-Bar packs more magnetic strength in its tiny construction than any available magnet of comparable size and type. Installation is quick and simple. Removable, equally spaced angle mounting brackets are furnished for ease of installation and to permit adjusting of the mounted magnets. Magna-Bars are ideal for use as a powerful yet compact holding magnet or as a magnetic fanner for fanning small, light gauge stampings...to hold and control parts in magnetic handling and conveying operations, and as a holding magnet in rack and other overhead conveying systems.

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