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Eriez Tramp Oil Removal Equipment

Equipment designed for removing oil from water based fluids


Tramp Oil Removal



Eriez Tramp Oil Removal

Eriez offers a complete line of equipment to remove tramp oils from your metalworking fluids.

Removing tramp oils, any oil that leaks from a machine tool into the metalworking fluid, should be a high priority for all metalworking plants. Tramp oils cause a variety of problems with the metalworking fluids such as:

  • Increased smoke and mist in the air
  • Increased bacteria populations
  • Decreased tool life
  • Decreased coolant life
  • Decreased parts washer bath life
  • Skin irritations such as Dermatitis

Removing tramp oils from your fluids will improve all aspects of your metalworking fluids.

Portable Tramp Oil Centrifuge

The Eriez Portable Tramp Oil separator, including a high speed, manually cleaned, disc bowl centrifuge, removes both free and emulsified tramp oils to 0.5% or less and particulate matter to 5 microns nominal in one pass on any stable coolant or cleaner.

This compact and portable unit, completely assembled on wheels, is designed to extract fluid from both small, individual machine sumps as well as larger central systems. The unit can process flow rates of 1-4 gpm (4-16 lpm) depending on fluid type and condition.

Key Features:

  • High speed centrifuge
  • 1-1/2 HP belt drive motor
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Built in clean coolant discharge pump
  • 20 mesh basket strainer
  • Double diaphragm air pump as a dirty fluid feed pump with air filter/pressure regulator
  • 50-micron cleanable filter prior to the centrifuge, extra cartridge and spanner wrench included
  • 5 gallon (20 liter) tramp oil container with fluid level detector.
  • Clean fluid discharge hose
  • Control panel (NEMA 12 enclosure) with motor starter for centrifuge, and on/off buttons

Eriez Coalescers

Eriez offers three low cost coalescers that process machine tool fluids removing tramp oils and fines and returining clean, reusable coolant. These units pump dirty fluid into a tank designed with baffles, weirs and media plate packs (portable coalescers) that separate the tramp oils from the fluid quickly and easily. The oil-free fluid is discharged back to the sump. Media packs are easily removed for cleaning and never need to be replaced.

Portable Coalescer

This unit is designed for any size plant but especially for ones with multiple machine tools, having large central filtration systems, or aqueous parts washers. It offers simple, effective, low cost tramp oil removal.

The Eriez Portable coalescer consists of a self-priming dirty feed pump coupled to a floating skimming device that is placed in the sump. The dirty fluid is pumped into the coalesce tank where it comes in contact with two coalescing media plate packs that cause the tramp oils to separate from the fluid quickly and easily.

The oil free fluid is discharged back to the sump while the separated tramp oils are discharged out a separate port to a waste container.

Key features:

  • Two easily removeable oleophilic polypropylene coalescing plate packs (132 ft2 each) for maximum oil removal and cleaning
  • Tank drain valve for easy cleaning
  • Flotation oil skimmer to collect oils and dirty fluids from machine sump
  • Floating oil skimmer to collect oils and dirty fluids from machine sump
  • Self-priming electric or double diaphragm air pump used as “dirty” feed pump
  • Lid with gasket for leak free transportation
  • Oil removal weir with adjustable, automatic oil discharge port

Tank-Side Coalescer

This unit consists of a 115-volt electric submersible pump couples to an adjustable skimming device which, when installed properly, rests in the sump and collects oil from the surface. The pump delivers skimmed tramp oil and coolant to the coalescer settling tank. The settling tank consists of a 15-gallon polyethylene drum, an inner oil diversion baffle, an oil discharge spigot, and a clean coolant discharge hose. Clean coolant gravity flows from the settling tank through the discharge hose and back to the sump.

Key features:

  • Small coalesce for individual machine tool sumps and part washers
  • 1 to 1-1/2 GPM process rate
  • Extends coolant life, improves tool life
  • Skimmer can be easily modified to work in machine sumps with as little as 3” of coolant

Surface Oil Belt Skimmers

Eriez’ Surface Oil Belt Skimmers feature an oleophilic (oil attracting) belt that hangs into the sump where it removes free-floating tramp oils. Two models and four belt options provide different rates and levels of oil separation.

Oil Skimmer

The oil skimmer is designed for use on large machine tools with tanks deeper than two feet experiencing oil contamination in the range of one to two gallons of oil per hour.


  • 3” belt width
  • Simple installation
  • No scraping, oil is squeezed between rollers
  • Open, accessible oil collecting tray and drain connector
  • Variety of oleophilic belt materials for different applications
  • Capacity to remove 1 to 1.5 gallons of oil contaminants per hour
  • 115 volt operation


Oil Skimmer, Jr.

The Oil Skimmer Jr. is designed for machine tools with fairly shallow tanks experiencing oil contamination in the range of one to two quarts of oil per hour.

Key features:

  • 1” belt width
  • Surface or side mounted option
  • Simple oil scraper/wiper design
  • Wiper guard extends belt life
  • Nothing to wear out
  • Capacity to remove 1 to 1.5 quarts of oil contaminants per hour
  • 115 volt operation




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