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Eriez CFP Metal Separator

Heavy duty metal separator for extruders, injection and blow molding machines


CFP Metal Separator



Eriez Model CFP Metal Separator

Features & Benefits

  • Detect and removes even the smallest metal particles from regrind and virgin material
  • Reduces machine downtimes and costly repairs, providing a rapid return on investment
  • Ensures constant production process parameters
  • Product effect compensation: intrinsic conductivity of bulk materials (e.g. from moisture or carbon) can be “tuned out” automatically

The Model CFP Metal Separator is installed directly above the material feed throat of an extruder, injection molding or blow molding machine. It provides a precision identification and removal of magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants from a slow, downward-moving column of material. Its robust, heavy duty design allows material feed systems to be mounted directly on top of the metal separation unit.

Even the smallest metal particles in molten plastic can cause expensive and time consuming damage to extruders, injection and blow molding machinery. As the use of plastic regrind increases, so does the probability of metal contamination, causing blockages in nozzles and valve gates resulting in downtime, shipment delays and product contamination.

Performance Features:

  • Excellent metal detection, maximum resistance to interference and high mechanical and operational reliability
  • Automatic self-calibration and ongoing self-monitoring and temperature adjustment
  • Fully automatic process once optimal customization of scanning sensitivity and reject duration is achieved
  • Metal contaminants are removed into a reject material container by means of a separating slide
  • The pneumatically -driven reject system works so quickly that metal particles are consistently removed from free-falling granulate not only at the initial fill, but also at subsequent top-ups


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