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Equipment for Waste-to-Energy Facilities

Maximize metals recovery from WTE bottom ash with Eriez recycling Equipment.

Increasing metal recovery is a primary objective for many Waste-to-Energy (WTE) companies. The P-Rex Scrap Drum Magnet has many advantages over competitive drum magnets - notably, incredible magnetic strength and imperceptibility to heat soak. Read our  P-Rex Scrap Drum in the Energy-from-Waste Industry white paper to learn why the P-Rex is well suited for this crucial role in the WTE process.

Magnetic Scrap Drums

  • 40% stronger during operation
  • Wider pick-up zone
  • Optional Traction Plate Drum Wrap improves cleaning action
  • No heat-induced strength loss
  • Electro and permanent models available

Eddy Current Separators

  • Separates nonferrous metals
  • Eccentric rotor produces powerful, focused field
  • Compact design requires less space
  • Adjustable rotor position
  • Easy service with access panels

Heavy Duty Vibratory Feeders

  • High volume, bulk material feeders
  • Low-profile, compact design
  • Fast feeding
  • Excellent isolation of vibration

Dynamic Pulley Separator

  • Recovers Weakly Magnetic Material
  • 40" and 60" widths
  • Base or Suspended Mounting
  • Direct Drives

Document Download: Equipment for the Recycling industry

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