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Eriez Fluid Recycling

Maximize coolant effectiveness and longevity, enabling companies to improve productivity and reduce disposal costs.

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Solids Removal

Solids Removal Equipment

Eriez offers the widest selection of sump cleaners in the industry. Solutions range from inexpensive drum top cleaners to the industry’s widely recognized sump cleaner. Manufactured since 1974, these heavy-duty industrial wet/dry vacuum filtration units clean virtually any machine tool sump, tank, or pit quickly and thoroughly.

  • Sump Cleaners
  • Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges
  • Magnetic Chip & Parts Conveyors
  • Magnetic Coolant Cleaners

Coolant Recycling

Coolant Recycling Equipment

Our metalworking fluid management solutions are specifically geared to the type and brand of fluid in use in your facility. Our filtration and recycling equipment is supported by more than one hundred years of engineering expertise, as well as a fully trained, experienced service department.

  • Coolant Recycling System (CRS)
  • Portable Fluid Recycling Systems (SumpDoc)

Fluid Concentration & Control

Fluid Concentration & Control Equipment

Eriez offers a complete line of concentrate mixers to meet the need of all metalworking plants. Maintaining tight fluid concentration control ensures that fluid never becomes too lean or too rich.

  • Proportioners
  • Coolant Mixers
  • Refractometers

Tramp Oil Removal

Tramp Oil Removal Equipment

Eriez offers a complete line of equipment to remove tramp oils from your metalworking fluids. Removing tramp oils, any oil that leaks from a machine tool into the metalworking fluid, should be a high priority for all metalworking plants. Tramp oils can cause a variety of problems.

  • Surface Oil Skimmers
  • Tank Side Coalescer
  • Portable Coalescer
  • Portable Tramp Oil Centrifuge



How to Increase Profits by Recycling Metalworking Fluids

The handling and disposal of metalworking fluids represent a large expense and liability. This white paper discusses how recycling your fluids can have a significant and immediate impact on your bottom line. 

Document Download:  White Paper - How to Increase Profits by Recycling Metalworking Fluids


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