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Eriez Fluid Concentration & Control

Eriez offers a complete line of concentration mixers to meet the needs of all metalworking plants.

Fluid Concentration & Control



Eriez Fluid Concentration Control

Maintaining tight fluid concentration control ensures that fluid never becomes too lean or too rich.

A "lean" concentrate often leads to rust, bacterial infection, and poor tool life, while a "rich" concentration often causes eye, nose and skin irritation for the operator and is a waste of product. Eriez mechanical mixers ensure consistent concentration under all types of conditions.

Automatic Proportional Pumps

The Eriez positive-displacement Proportioner provides consistent concentration at all times despite varying water pressures or fluid levels in supply containers. Because it is driven by the plant’s water supply pressure, it also can be used to supply properly mixed fluid through overhead piping to the tools without using a booster pump.


  • Concentration control
  • Reduces concentrate waste
  • Easy-to-install
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Nonelectrical
  • Adjustable

Coolant Mixers

Dual Ratio Mixer

This is a venturi style coolant mixer that automatically mixes two different metalworking coolants or one coolant with two different ratios. Now you can set up one mixer to supply both a fresh charge concentration and a leaner make up concentrations in an easy to use design to minimize operator error. Once set up, operator just pushes the button for the desired concentration to fill containers with mixed fluid.


  • Pressure regulation eliminates concentration variances
  • E-Gap Backflow Protection (ASSE 1055B Approved)
  • Concentrate suction and discharge hoses


Drum Top Mixer

The Eriez Drum Top Mixer is a compact, easy-to-use venture mixer for combining water with coolant concentrates. Water, jetting through the unit, creates a vacuum that siphons concentrate from the drum. A needle valve allows for infinite adjustments across the mixture range. Available in 3 and 10 GPM versions, with mixing range adjustable from 1% to 20%, these units have all-metal construction for maximum durability.


  • All metal construction
  • 2” NPT sliding-bung drum adapter
  • Discharge hose assembly
  • Inlet shutoff valve with garden hose thread adapter


Manual & Digital Refractometers

The Eriez Refractometer allows the user to quickly determine the concentration of metalworking coolants and cleaners, heat treating fluids, water-based hydraulic fluids, and even plating baths. This simple, yet rugged device is portable and requires no batteries. Its large, easy to read scale is available in two ranges 0 to 10 Brix, and 0 to 32 Brix.

Maintaining the proper concentration in industrial fluids is extremely important to maximize the importance and value of the fluid. If the fluid is too lean, tool life and fluid life can drop dramatically. If the fluid is too rich, you’ll just be wasting your money. The Eriez automatic temperature compensating Refractometers help you quickly determine the concentration or ratio of a variety of industrial fluids.


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