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Eriez Permanent Plate Magnets

Eriez Permanent Plate Magnets provide dependable and economical solutions to problems associated with tramp iron contamination in processing lines. Plate Magnets installed in chutes, spouts, ducts, pipes, or suspended over conveyors remove tramp iron to help prevent costly shutdowns associated with machinery damage, prevent spark– caused fires and explosions, prevent product contamination and improve product purity.

Features & Benefits:

  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Welded Construction
  • 1/2" high milled 400 series tapered step
  • Hinge and latch
  • Rare Earth+ and Xtreme Rare Earth+ units (sanitary design is standard)

Application Guide

Typical plate magnet installations involve free flowing products cascading down a sloped chute. Use the selection guideline above for thin burdens (up to 5-inches (127 mm)) and slow product flows. Typical installations locate the magnet near the chute entrance to take advantage of the products reduced velocity. For optimum performance, magnets require cleaning at regular intervals. Install them in a readily accessible location. 

Six Plate Magnet Models Available

SuperPower - 2-1/16" thick, projects 2 to 3"

Our most popular ceramic unit removes tramp metal from a variety of heavy duty applications. While only 2‑1/16" (52 mm) thick, SuperPower creates a powerful magnetic field projecting 2–3" (50–75 mm) into a burden to remove large tramp iron from product flows. The unique tapered step holds tramp iron out of the product flow to minimize wash off.

For heavy duty applications where medium to large tramp metal contamination occurs.

MaxiPower - 2-11/16" thick, projects 3 to 4"

This extra heavy‑duty ceramic magnet incorporates 75% more magnet material in not only a thicker but longer plate so feed material is exposed to the magnetic field 40% longer than our next closest size. This model creates a deep magnetic field that will project 3–4" (75–100 mm) into a burden to remove both small and large tramp iron. The addition of the tapered step helps hold tramp iron out of the product flow while acting to increase the holding force of the plate for fine tramp metal.

BrutePower - 4-7/8" thick, projects 4 to 5"

BrutePower ceramic plate magnets create a deep magnetic field that will project 4–5" (102–127 mm) into a material burden to remove damaging tramp iron contamination typically used in wood chips processing, sugar cane and other extremely difficult tramp iron separation applications.

SuperBrute - 6-3/8" thick, projects 6 to 7"

SuperBrute ceramic plate magnets are typically used in suspended applications to remove large tramp iron from deep product flows in restricted height areas. Typical suspension height is less than 7" (152 mm).

Rare Earth + - 1-3/16" thick, high holding force

Rare Earth+ magnetic plates are smaller than conventional magnets, but its holding force is beyond comparison. These magnets create a field so powerful that wash off is virtually eliminated making them ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications where fine, magnetic particles can contaminate products. The intense field near the plate surface makes these units ideal for shallow burdens where product purity is the number one priority.

Xtreme® Rare Earth+ - 2-1/16" thick, maximum holding force

For extreme applications where deeper product depths and higher suspension heights are required, Xtreme Rare Earth+ magnets should be used when maximum separation efficiency is required. Eriez Xtreme Rare Earth+ permanent plate magnets are the strongest plates in the indusrty.

Standard Design and Construction

All Stainless Steel

For best resistance to wear from corrosive materials and atmospheres. Suitable for many food processing applications where the strictest sanitary requirements do not apply.

Milled Stainless Steel Step

One upstream 400 series stainless steel tapered step provides a magnetic and physical barrier to provide superior removal and retention of fine ferrous contamination.

Welded Construction

Each Eriez Plate Magnet is welded for the most demanding environments. This rugged design will last for years of continuous service.

Mounting Hardware

Standard hinged units include a heavy duty stainless steel hinge, zinc plated latch and latch mounting hardware for simple installation and easy maintenance.

Document Download: Plate Magnets Brochure


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