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High Intensity Electromagnetic Separators (Type VOG)

High intensity, multi-zone dry disc magnetic separators for purification and concentration of dry products, especially minerals, as well as separation of swarf metals

Electromagnetic Separator Type VOG



High Intensity Electromagnetic Separators, Type VOG

The high degree of selectivity achieved by this range of Dry Disc Magnetic Separators produces exceptionally clean magnetics fractions with high magnetics recovery.


  • Wide range of models and sizes to cater for different applications and capacities
  • Feed hopper with adjustable gate for uniform material distribution across feeder tray
  • Conveyor belt with variable speed geared motor unit
  • Height adjustable revolving discs
  • Robust support framework
  • Choice of fixed or belt type permanent magnetic scalper
  • Control unit with separate potentiometers and ON/OFF switch for individual elements: vibratory feeder, conveyor belt motor, disc motors and coil circuits


  • Concentration of dry, granular minerals such as ilmenite, garnet, monazite, wolframite, and columbite-tantalite
  • Removal of minerals of low magnetic susceptibility from cassiterite, zircon, scheelite, and rutile
  • Purification of quartz for the glassmaking industry
  • Purification of abrasives
  • Extraction of iron oxides from chemical and food products
  • Separation of different types of swarf


Principle of Operation

A vibratory feeder discharges material onto belt conveyor from the feed hopper and carries it beneath the permanent magnetic scalper and revolving discs.

Zones of high magnetic gradient on the undersides of the discs attract the magnetic particles in the feed and carry them beyond the edges of the belt conveyor where they are discharged into chutes on each side of the conveyor.

Counterweighted scrapers in contact with the undersides of the discs ensure that all particles are prevented from re-entering the high intensity magnetic field.

Adjustment of jacking bolts above each disc alters the air gap between the disc and the conveyor belt, allowing selectivity to be changed. Optimum selectivity can be accurately achieved by combining disc height adjustment with variation of coil current from the control panel.


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