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Eriez® SumpDoc™ Keeps Coolant in Top Condition, Reducing Need to Dump and Refill Fluid

The Eriez® SumpDoc™, the only coolant maintenance equipment on the market that combines both sump cleaning and tramp oil removal in one package, is improving productivity and reducing costs in metalworking facilities all over the world. Customers say SumpDoc is keeping their coolant clean longer and drastically decreasing the need to dump and refill fluid.

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Eriez® Reports Customers Regularly Achieve Savings of 60 Percent or More on the Purchase and Disposal Costs of Metalworking Fluids

Eriez® Metalworking Product Manager Ron Wendt says company data shows customers regularly see 60 percent savings per year on the purchase and disposal costs of metalworking fluids, not including any savings associated with machine cleaning labor, increased machine production time or extended tooling life.

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Eriez® Offers Chip and Parts Conveyors in Variety of Models and Slider Bed Widths

Permanent Magnetic Chip and Parts Conveyors from Eriez® safely and reliably move and elevate ferrous materials such as chips, turnings, small parts and stampings. These units are practically maintenance free and innovatively designed to ensure the highest level of operator safety.

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How to Increase Profits by Recycling Metalworking Fluids

Recycling Can Save 60 Percent in Coolant Costs Coolants have improved significantly and are now better than those available 10 or 15 years ago. They last longer, but the cost has also increased. Depending where a business is located, shop managers may pay up to $50 per gallon for coolant. Disposal costs also vary significantly, anywhere from 25 cents to $6 per gallon.

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