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Eriez® Expands In-House Laboratory Capabilities to Include Fire Assays


Eriez® Expands In-House Laboratory Capabilities to Include Fire Assays

January 2023

Eriez® has recently completed the construction and commissioning of a new state-of-the-art fire assay laboratory to support flotation testing at its world headquarters in Erie, Pennsylvania. This new facility includes all required equipment for fusion, cupellation, parting, weighing, and assaying, as well as innovative systems to enhance worker safety and environmental compliance.

Erich Dohm, Eriez Flotation Senior Manager-USA Operations, says, “The addition of fire assay capabilities further establishes our position as an innovative global partner in minerals processing and flotation. This investment was made as part of our commitment to enhancing support for our precious metals flotation customers in addition to existing capabilities for base metals and industrial minerals projects.” He adds, “Our customers will see a tremendous benefit in the development of new precious metal projects incorporating our advanced flotation technologies, such as the HydroFloat® and StackCell®.”

According to Eriez, the new fire assay laboratory will enable full execution of all aspects of precious metals flotation projects, with next-day assays available to guide flotation investigations. Dohm says, “This will allow our team of flotation experts to complete projects under a tight deadline without risking delays from external commercial laboratories.” 

Eriez’ in-house analytical capabilities also include x-ray fluorescence (XRF), inductively coupled plasma (ICP), atomic absorption (AA), combustion furnace (sulfur), and particle size by laser diffraction. Dohm says, “Our full-service metallurgical and analytical laboratory facilitates strong customer partnerships, from initial flowsheet development at pre-feasibility stages through troubleshooting and optimization of existing mill circuits.”

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