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Eriez Coolant Cleaners

Smooth-faced and extended-pole Coolant Cleaners extend the life of cutting tools, grinding wheels, pumps and coolant fluids.

Magnetic Coolant Cleaners



Eriez Magnetic Coolant Cleaners

Eriez Coolant Cleaners are designed for use with surface grinders, gear grinders, honing and lapping machines, broaches, milling and drilling machines face grinders, oil reclaiming machines - wherever clean coolant is needed. These cleaners keep machine tools running longer and more accurately with lower costs per unit produced.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cleaner coolant with a longer service life
  • Lengthened tool life
  • Machine accuracy maintained
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Lower cost
  • Reduced pump wear
  • Easy installation in restricted space
  • Can be used on new or existing machines
  • Available in different capacities, different types
  • Low initial cost
  • Virtually no maintenance costs

Permanent Magnetic Coolant Cleaners

Indexing Models

Indexing Coolant Cleaners from Eriez, available with either a smooth-faced or extended- pole roll, are used when both ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants are present. No replaceable filter medium is required.

The magnetic roll, under which the coolant flows, rotates intermittently. The magnetically attracted material builds up a mass of fine hair-like particles between the magnetic roll and the housing. This accumulation serves as a filter medium to entrap fine non-magnetic particles such as grinding wheel scale or other coolant contaminates.

The mass of magnetically-held materials accumulates until it restricts the passageway between the magnetic roll and the housing, causing coolant to back up into the sump. The rising coolant level activates a pressure-type level switch; the magnetic roll is then automatically indexed forward, which moves the packed filter plug from the restricted passageway and permits coolant to once more flow through the magnetic field.


Continuously Rotating Models CS and CE

The second type of Eriez Coolant Cleaner, the continuously rotating model, is also furnished with either smooth-faced or extended-pole rolls. These units are designed for use where little or no non-magnetic material is contaminating the coolant.

Coolant fluid is gravity fed to the Eriez cleaner where it flows under the magnetic roll. The roll’s powerful permanent-magnetic field reaches out and captures ferrous contamination in the fluid. Since the roll surface is revolving against the current flow, large and small ferrous particles clinging tightly to its surface are carried upward out of the liquid. Coolant fluid drains back down into the hopper as ferrous particles are removed by the scraper blade. Chips, grindings and other contamination are scraped off the drum and deposited on the inclined scraper blades. Chips will build up on the scraper blade and slowly move to the discharge lip which slopes down to a waiting receptacle.

Rare Earth Coolant Cleaners

Eriez Xtractor Rare-Earth Coolant Cleaner utilizes a powerful magnetic field designed to maximize capture and remove fine ferrous particles from a coolant. Its unique magnetic-circuit design makes the separator much stronger than all other conventional permanent-magnetic separators, which use alnico or barium ferrite elements.

Available in four sizes, the unit will handle up to 30 gallons per minute of water-soluble coolant per foot of drum width (4 lpm per cm of width). Each model is powered by a standard TEFC 230/460V, 60 Hz, 3-phase motor.

Eriez Xtractor Rare-Earth Coolant Cleaners utilize a powerful magnetic- circuit design to maximize magnetic-field strength. The resulting high field provides the most effective separation response of any drum-type magnetic separator. In operation, liquid contaminated with fine-ferrous particles enters the sump area and flows past a counter-rotating magnetic drum. Particles attracted to the drum are held tight and lifted to the top, where a mechanical-discharge mechanism moves them to a discharge chute. Cleaner liquid is discharged from the bottom of the separator.

Portable CS5-13 Magnetic Coolant Cleaner

  • Rated for 39GPM water based coolant, up to 25GPM on Oils
  • Removes ferrous particles down to 15 micron in size at a removal rate in the high 90’s percent
  • Filter cartridge to polish fluid down to 10 micron
  • 120V, Single Phase power requirement
  • Infeed pump to pull Dirty Fluid from machine center sump
  • Discharge pump for Clean Fluid return back to machine center
  • 61 Gallon Clean Tank Capacity
  • Low & High level float switches in clean tank to prevent discharge pump burnout or tank overflow
  • Sludge collection bin


  • Portable configuration for use on multiple machines
  • Saves money over outfitting each machine with a coolant cleaner
  • Media free removal of magnetic contaminant saves on filter paper costs
  • 120V operation provides convenience
  • Cleaner fluid reduces tooling costs, wear/tear on pumps & fittings, provides better surface finishes




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