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Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters

High intensity electromagnetic filter to remove fine, ferrous contaminants from dry powder.


Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters



Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters

Eriez unique Vibrating Magnetic Filter incorporates vibrating filter elements to provide a high capacity material flow. As the material flows through the magnetized elements, the iron bearing contaminants are captured, resulting in a high‑purity product. Ferrous contaminants are typically reduced to the ppm level when treating materials such as alumina, talc, and silica and zircon flours. The exceptionally high intensity field generated by the electromagnet provides peak separation efficiency. Developed for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, abrasives, specialty glass, specialty metallic powder and industrial minerals market.


  • High intensity, high gradient magnetic field
  • High frequency, low amplitude vibration
  • Two magnetic field strengths available
  • Four sizes available, including a laboratory model

Principle of Operation

The electromagnet consists of a solenoid coil encased in a steel housing. A high intensity uniform magnetic field is generated in the bore of the coil.

Within the bore is a canister, packed with filter elements, which are referred to as the matrix. The matrix consists of a stack of expanded steel plates arranged with staggered openings to accommodate the material flow. The matrix amplifies the externally applied magnetic field, produces regions of extremely high gradient and provides collection sites for the capture of ferrous contaminants.

A dual vibratory drive system, mounted on the canister, imparts a high frequency, low amplitude vibration to the matrix. When feed material flows through the magnetized matrix, the iron bearing contaminants are captured and held, resulting in a high purity product. The non‑magnetic product flows freely through the canister, aided by the matrix vibration.

Two different magnetic field strengths are available. The standard design generates a magnetic field of 2000 gauss. The high intensity design generates a magnetic field of 5000 gauss. Four different filter sizes are available to meet a range of capacity requirements.



Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters Remove Fine Iron-Bearing Contaminants in Lithium

Eriez’ Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filter (DVMF) removes incredibly fine iron contaminants from hard-to-flow powders. Read this white paper to learn how the DVMF reduces contamination from parts per million, to parts per billion.

Document Download: White Paper -  Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters Remove Fine Iron-Bearing Contaminants in Lithium


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