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Eriez Metal Detectors Protect Calender Rolls from Costly Tramp Metal Damage in Tire Manufacturing

Eriez® Metal Detectors Protect Calender Rolls from Costly Tramp Metal Damage in Tire Manufacturing

February 2022


For tire and rubber processors that utilize calender rolls in their operation, the consequence of metal pieces inadvertently entering the product can be severe. To mitigate these occurrences, manufacturers utilize Eriez’ Xtreme® Metal Detectors to safeguard their processing equipment.

“Despite careful attention and sound manufacturing practices, tramp metal still finds its way into rubber strips prior to calendering,” says Eriez Metal Detection Product Manager Ray Spurgeon. “The financial implications are tremendous considering downtime for roll resurfacing and even more significant if the rolls must be replaced. Additionally, imperfections in the calender rolls may have a substantial impact on the integrity of the finished product.” 

Spurgeon explains, “We have had customers tell us that tramp metal marred their calender roll requiring them to shut down for days, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damage and lost production.” He adds, “Incidences like this have led many to include metal detectors in their processes.”

Spurgeon says Xtreme Metal Detectors are used in tire and rubber manufacturing applications all over the globe. He explains, “The cost justification is simple when manufacturers take into account the astronomical economic risk of tramp metal damaging calender rolls if a metal detector is not incorporated.”  

The Eriez Xtreme Metal Detector surpasses previous units and competitive models alike with enhanced features, improved sensitivity, intuitive operation and exceptional reliability. The Xtreme Metal Detector blends simplicity and sophistication with its easy-to-navigate control with extra-large color interface. 


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