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Stainless Steel Separator



Eriez Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator

Eriez' Stainless Steel Separator extracts stainless steel and weakly magnetic metals from Zurik and wire fractions sized 2" or smaller. In addition to being a valuable commodity, stainless steel can escape upstream separation and cause damage to wire chopping and processing equipment. Typically, stainless steel has been recovered using expensive sensor sorting technology. Using an Eriez Stainless Steel Separator, most stainless can now be effectively recovered much more economically.

The Stainless Separator is positioned as a magnetic head pulley on a 40" wide urethane belt to produce and extremely high surface gauss easily attracting and holding workharden stainless and other weakly magnetic material.

Optional equipment is available with the Stainless Steel Separator system, including:

  • Magnetic Drum-In-Housing installed upstream of the Stainless Steel Separator for ferrous recovery
  • Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder to provide even distribution of material across the width of the conveyor.


  • Powerful 6-inch Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Head Pulley
  • High-strength Kevlar belt
  • Heavy-duty frame structure
  • Variable speed conveyor control
  • Adjustable splitter 

Sizes (widths) Offered:

  • 20" (.5 M)
  • 40" (1 M)
  • 60" (1.5 M)

Document Download: Equipment for the Recycling Industry


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