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RCS Rougher Cleaner Scavenger Nonferrous Processing System

Rougher Cleaner Scavenger RCS



Eriez RCS Rougher Cleaner Scavenger

Positioned downstream of ferrous separation equipment Eriez’ new RCS Rougher, Cleaner, Scavenger nonferrous processing system employs three Eddy Current Separators in a specific sequence to produce a high-grade zorba while maximizing recovery. This type of RCS system has been used successfully in high-value mineral processing and mining operations for decades. In an ASR environment, the ECS set up is as follows:

“Rougher”: The Rougher is set to “aggressively” maximize recovery of nonferrous metals.

"Scavenger": Recovers any zorba misplaced by the Rougher.

"Cleaner": removes unwanted materials from the final zorba product.

Material Recirculation combines the rejected cleaner product and the recovered scavenger product to be reprocessed ultimately leading to greater recovery.


The RCS Advantage



The graph to the left demonstrates the clear advantage of the RCS system. Through months of full-scale testing, Eriez’ research revealed these averages:

  • A single ECS at the “rougher” setting yields 81% recovery when producing a 90 grade zorba product;
  • An RCS System with multi-stage “rougher,” “cleaner,” “scavenger” processing averaged 98% recovery while meeting the (Green Fence) 99% metals quality standard.

For more information and a review of the test's data points, contact Eriez' Recycling Sales Team.

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