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Eriez FineSort®

Recover valuable metal "fines" from waste




Eriez FineSort®

Eriez’ FinesSort® Metals Recovery System uses powerful magnetic components to recover valuable ferrous and nonferrous metals from the fines waste stream in scrap yards.

This system not only reduces the amount of waste destined for landfill, but reclaims thousands of valuable pounds of metals per day.

FinesSort® Features:

  • Recover metals less than 1”
  • Multi-stage separation process
  • The most powerful magnetic circuits
  • Constructed with heavy guage steel
  • 60” machine width
  • Payback in as little as six months


Multi-Stage Separation

Eriez’ FinesSort receives the "fines" material that has passed through the intial screening process. That material is evenly fed through the machine's magnetic separation system - recovering metals from the flow and dropping them onto a cross-belt material and into a recycling container.

The Value of Fines Recovery

Smaller sized materials or “fines” that have passed through the initial screening process, and are often discarded and sent to landfills, represent roughly 20% of the original total flow. Within the fines, generally less than 5% is recyclable metal, depending on the mix of product being scrapped. Recovery of just 1% additional metals from the total stream can be worth tens of thousands of annual revenue.



Document Download: FinesSort Brochure


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