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Eriez Dynamic Pulley Separator

Powerful Rare Earth magnets recovers or removes small or weakly magnetic particles from material flows. 


Dynamic Pulley Separator



Eriez Dynamic Pulley Separator

The Dynamic Pulley Separator uses a Rare Earth permanent magnetic pulley rotating at an off-set speed from the belt causing an agitating magnetic field. The combination of powerful rare earth magnetic field with the agitating action allows entrapped steel and weakly magnetic material to be liberated from nonferrous materials. This improves ferrous recovery or removal and allows nonferrous material to report to downstream equipment. 

Features & Benefits:

  • 40 and 60 inch widths
  • Base or suspended mounting
  • Direct Drives

Applications For Ferrous Recovery, ASR Auto Scrap Recycling

In ASR environments, Eriez’ Dynamic Pulley Separator can be installed to receive discarded “fines” material that has passed through the initial screening process. The DPS removes ferrous and provides a nonferrous fraction to be further processed on an eddy current separator.


Applications For Ferrous Removal, Plastics, Rubber and Alike

Many recycling or material recovery operations view ferrous metals as a waste or contaminant. Here the Dynamic Pulley Separator provides a high-powered agitating magnetic field to pull metal contaminants out of the product flow improving purity or protecting downstream equipment from damage. The percentage or amount of ferrous in these flows tend to be very light and is often discarded.


  • Removing unwanted ferrous from product flows
  • Improving metal separation/recovery in downstream equipment
  • Use with weaker magnetic drums to recover ferrous nuggets from ASR stream
  • Use with and ahead of eddy currents to maximize nonferrous recovery


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