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Grate Magnets

Powerful, permanent magnetic protection against fine and tramp iron contamination

Grate Magnets



Eriez Grate Magnets

Powerful, permanent magnetic protection against fine and tramp iron contamination. Designed for simple installation in steep-sloped hoppers, odd and irregular shaped hoppers, floor openings, vertical closed chutes, and ducts.

Standard Grate Magnets

For many years Eriez permanent magnet grates have used ceramic or Alnico magnet materials as their energy source. When built with Eriez–designed circuits, these separators provide good magnetic fields for a nominal cost and satisfactorily remove both tramp and fine iron contaminants in most applications. They continue to be the magnets most frequently used to improve the product purity of dry bulk materials.

Xtreme® Rare Earth Grate Magnets

The Xtreme® RE separators available from Eriez remove weakly magnetic or very fine iron contaminants. They have more strength at a greater distance than conventional permanent magnets, higher gradients, and increased holding force. This means they can reach out and attract weakly magnetic or very fine iron contaminants and hold them so tightly that wipe-off by product flow is virtually eliminated.

Sanitary Grate Magnets

Both standard and Xtreme® grate magnets are available in sanitary construction. These units are stainless steel throughout and are carefully manufactured to contain no pits, cracks or crevices in accordance with accepted standards of sanitation for food processing.

Model P Grates

A versatile, powerful, magnet designed specially for odd shaped, round, oval or round cornered hoppers. The Model P has been constructed with a flexible basic design which makes it a real piece of protective magnetic equipment for virtually any shape hopper. In operation the sturdy grid bars positioned over the magnetic element act as baffles to deflect your flow of material onto the magnetic tubes where iron contamination is trapped and held. The built-in baffles control excessive speeds of material, but a smooth steady flow is not obstructed.

Model BA Grates

This separator provides “Final Magnetic Action” on bulk foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. being packaged in barrels or similar type containers. These units are the result of many requests for a portable type magnetic separator for use in a final separating action as materials are being packed in barrels or other types of large containers.


Wing and Drawer Type Grates

Double-bank units are designed to give double protection in installations where the problem of iron contamination is particularly acute. These models have a second row of magnetic tubes aligned directly below the open spaces between tubes in the top row.

Wing-type units can be quickly put to work in hoppers and floor openings. Adjustable wings add to ease of installation. No bolting is necessary, and units can be lifted out for easy cleaning.

Drawer-type Grates have been specifically designed for use in closed chutes and ducts. They come complete with handle and latches. These models are easily inspected and cleaned by sliding the “magnetic drawer” from an opening made inside of housing.


These revolving models provide speedy automatic removal of unwanted iron from bulk materials that tend to stick, clog and bridge. Eriez Rota-Grates have been specially designed to remove both large pieces of unwanted iron as well as minute ferrous particles from material flows that tend to clog and bridge when passed through small openings. This dual action unit rotates several powerful magnetic tubes through the material. The magnetic action attracts and holds the unwanted iron, and the rotary action prevents the material flow from packing and plugging the processing line. Available in 24 sizes.

Also Available in a Self-Cleaning Version:

Self-Cleaning Rota-Grates are ideal for remote installations or applications where routine cleaning is problematic. The rotating tube assembly periodically cycles through a special tube cleaning wall that removes ferrous metal from the tube magnets outside the product flow. This design eliminates the need to clean each tube manually and greatly reduces the amount of time associated with cleaning.

Grate Magnets In-Housings

Easy-to-Clean Grate-In-Housing

The Easy-To-Clean Rare Earth Grate-In-Housing provides for the quick removal of accumulated fine iron contamination. Simply slide the individual door fronts from the housing and the accumulated metal contamination is scraped from the tube and discharged out the front of the housing. The cleaning cycle is reduced to only a few seconds with this push–pull operation.


  • Unique tube scraper design ensures removal of accumulated tramp iron
  • Stainless-steel housing
  • Ferrous contamination discharge chute
  • 1" (25mm) diameter single skin magnet tubes on 2" (51mm) centers
  • Available with Rare Earth, ceramic, or combination of ceramic and Rare Earth magnetic tubes
  • Available with one or multiple grate rows
  • Push-pull removal of accumulated tramp metal
  • Rear inspection panel with Destaco clamps
  • Center divider on wide units facilitate easy discharge of accumulated tramp metal
  • Optional inlet and outlet adapters available

Automatic Easy-to-Clean Grate-In-Housing

Eriez Automatic Easy-to-Clean Model TGH-2 Drawer Grate In-Housing uses a powerful Rare Earth magnet circuit to provide superior separation performance on fine tramp metal contamination. Designed for push button operation, the Automatic Easy-to-Clean is ideal for applications where the process is stopped for grate magnet cleaning.


Fine iron and tramp iron removal in enclosed flow lines is simplified by Eriez multiple-bank units built into convenient housings. These models have door front which encloses the Magnetic Grates within the housing, and makes them readily accessible for cleaning. Eriez Model TGH grate magnets have a frameless design for easy cleaning and a low profile for close-quarters installation.

Rota-Grate® In-Housing

Rota-Grates In-Housings are ideal for dusty installations where an enclosed system is necessary. The slowly rotating tube circuit will catch unwanted or damaging tramp iron and prevent bridging of sticky or powdery materials like flour or corn starch.


  • Choice of mild steel or stainless-steel housing
  • Available with or without 16 RPM gear motor drive
  • Flanged housing for easy installation
  • Large access panel doubles as clean-out shelf to prevent ferrous material from reentering the system
  • Specialty designs available with removable tube assemblies for easy cleaning
  • Also available with Xtreme® Rare Earth magnetic circuit for the removal of fine or weakly magnetic metals



Document Download: Metal Separation Selection Guide

Document Download: Eriez Grate Magnet Brochure


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