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Eriez DF High Speed Drum Magnets

Dry Low Intensity Magnetic Separators (DLIMS) for automatic continuous concentration of magnetic ores, removal of magnetite from fly ash, purification of ground slag, foundry sand, cement and minerals.

DF High Speed Drum Magnet



Eriez DF High Speed Drum Magnets

Eriez has the separator capable of dry treatment of finely ground iron ore, slag, fly ash and other difficult ferromagnetic concentration and removal problems. High strength, high capacity and a complete range of models and options are available in the Eriez DF High Speed Drum line. Adequate water supply considerations are a thing of the past with this equipment. Areas for exploration and development which formerly could not have been considered for magnetic treatment are now getting another look.

DF Drum Separators operate in a way similar to other drums but with some important differences. Older type, slow, agitating or radial field drums employ only magnetic attraction and gravity as the separating forces. Their capacity is limited due to the slow speed of rotation of the drum shell. The DF High Speed Drums employ high strength magnetic elements and high speed shell rotation. This makes it possible to introduce a third factor in the separation of materials – inertia.

To take maximum advantage of all these forces, Eriez engineered new, powerful magnetic circuits which permit high rotational speeds for the drum shell. Carefully balanced magnetic attraction, field depth and shell speed achieve an efficient, high capacity machine which effectively throws out fine non-magnetics and retains the magnetics.


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