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HydroFlow Fluid Filtration

HydroFlow is a leader in comprehensive coolant and fluid management technology serving the metalworking industry. These industrial filtration and fluid recycling systems maximize coolant effectiveness and longevity improving machine tool productivity and reducing disposal costs.

**Eriez HydroFlow Fluid Filtration has been purchased by Barnes International, Inc. To learn more about Barnes International, visit their website at hydroflowbarnes.com**

Low Volume Filters

For low volume solids filtration or scalping operations, Eriez HydroFlow offers a variety of gravity induced filtering equipment with flow rates up to 400 L/min.

  • Gravity Bed Filters
  • Cartridge Filter Systems
  • HydroFlow Centrifuge Filters

Media Vacuum Filters

With flow rates and sizes from 40 to 1,500 gallons per minute and higher, these filters are designed for individual machines or to serve as a central system.

  • "A" Series Low Volume Rolled Media Vacuum Filters
  • "B" Series Medium Volume Vacuum Filters
  • "C" Series High Volume Vacuum Filters

SuperFiltration Systems

Superfiltration technology is the process by which contaminant particles larger than 3um are removed from cutting fluid and fluid is maintained at a stable desired temperature.

  • Media-free Vacuum Filtration - Eriez HydroFlow STAR Filter
  • Eriez HydroFlow Comat Superfiltration Systems
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