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Eriez | World Authority in Separation Technologies
World Authority in Separation Technologies

Eriez Flotation

Eriez Flotation provides novel and industry-changing flotation technologies that are changing the way mineral processing plants are designed. Our vision is to make mineral processing more efficient and less impactful on the environment.

Eriez Flotation provides game-changing innovations in process technology for the mining and mineral processing industries such as HydroFloat® for coarse particle recovery and the StackCell® mechanical flotation cell, as well as advanced testing and engineering services, column flotation and sparging equipment.  

Applications for Eriez Flotation equipment and systems include metallic and non-metallic minerals, bitumen recovery, fine coal recovery, organic recovery (solvent extraction and electrowinning) and gold/silver cyanidation. Eriez Flotation has designed, supplied and commissioned more than 1,000 flotation systems worldwide for cleaning, roughing and scavenging applications in metallic and non-metallic processing operations, and we are a leading producer of modular column flotation systems for recovering bitumen from oil sands.  Strengths in process engineering, equipment design and fabrication position Eriez Flotation as a global leader in minerals flotation systems. 

Eriez Flotation (EF) is headquartered in Vancover, B.C., Canada and has offices around the world. EF is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eriez Manufacturing Co., a global leader in advanced separation technologies, which was founded in 1942.  

HydroFloat Coarse Particle Flotation

Eriez has designed the groundbreaking HydroFloat® Separator for coarse particle mineral concentration, delivering the capacity of a density separator while maintaining the selectivity of a flotation device


StackCell Mechanical Flotation

The StackCell® uses a 2-stage system for particle collection and froth recovery. Collection is optimized in a high shear single-pass mixing canister and froth recovery is optimized in a quiescent flotation chamber. 


Column Flotation

Eriez Flotation is a world leader in column flotation technology with over 1,000 installations. Columns are used for floating well-liberated ores. Typically they produce higher grade and have lower power costs than conventional cells. Applications include


CrossFlow Classifier

The CrossFlow is a high capacity teeter-bed separator, separating slurry streams based on particle size, shape and density.

RSP Distributor™

The rotary slurry-powered distributor (RSP) is used to accurately and evenly split a slurry stream into two or more parts, without creating differences based on flow, percent solids, particle size or density.


SlamJet™ Spargers

SlamJet spargers are proven in thousands of flotation applications. Designed for and used with Eriez Flotation systems, they are also easily retro-fitted to improve the performance of other flotation columns.


CavTube Sparging 

The specially designed CavTubes are an integral part of the hydrodynamic aeration system used to maximize fine bubble generation and improve bubble-particle collision rates.

Feed Air Jet

Flotation circuit performance can be improved by integrating the Cav-Tube technology with the Eriez Flotation feed pre-aeration system, the Feed Air Jet. This performance improvement is a result of aerating slurry where the concentration of floatable material is highest - the feed. 


Lab Testing

Eriez can provide a complete and detailed analysis of most minerals processing applications. With laboratory equipment ranging from grinding mills to benchtop and column flotation cells, complex plant circuitry can be simulated and tested.

Field Services

Services include pilot-scale and production-scale demonstration testing of Eriez's flotation technologies, commissioning and start-up assistance, and optimization of existing flotation circuits.

About Eriez Flotation

Eriez Flotation provides advanced engineering, metallurgical testing and innovative flotation technology for the mining and minerals processing industries.



Locations and contact information for Eriez Flotation global offices. 


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