Sump Cleaners

Every metalworking plant faces the problem of how to clean machines thoroughly and effectively, while still trying to minimize the downtime for machine tools.

Eriez offers the widest selection of sump cleaners in the industry.  Solutions range from inexpensive drum top cleaners to the industry's widely recognized sump cleaner.  Manufactured since 1974, these heavy-duty industrial wet/dry vacuum filtration units clean virtually any machine tool sump, tank, or pit quickly and thoroughly.

Two inexpensive solutions for individual machines are The Eriez Drum Top Sump Cleaner and the Eriez Reversible Liquid Vacuum. The Eriez Drum Top Sump Cleaner is a vacuum unit that converts an existing open-top drum into a powerful machine tool sump cleaner. Both of these units suck up tramp oils, used oil, and waste coolants quickly and efficiently. The Eriez Drum Top Sump Cleaner can also remove chips and fines and is an economical alternative to a dedicated sump cleaner.

The Eriez Reversable Liquid Vacuum also helps provide the solution to your sump cleaning or liquid removal problems. It is designed to connect to a closed-head drum, and can be used to remove lube or hydraulic oils from reservoirs as well.

If you want the job done right, then nothing works better than the awesome Eriez Sump Cleaner. These heavy duty industrial wet/dry vacuum filtration units will clean virtually any machine tool sump, tank, or pit quickly and thoroughly. During the process of cleaning the machine, the Eriez Sump Cleaner rapidly removes the fluid, sludge and chips from the sump, filters the sludge and chips from the fluid via the reusable integral filter liner, and either returns the filtered fluid to the sump or transports the fluid to the Eriez Recycling System. The polypropylene filter sleeve filters to a nominal 50 microns. If finer filtration is needed, such as in certain grinding applications, then a single-use paper filter sleeve can be inserted into the chip basket. The paper sleeve filters as fine as 20 microns nominal.

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