Wet Drum Separator - Model CX

A high efficiency/high capacity model for effective recovery and concentration of magnetic heavy media, such as magnetite and ferrosilicon.

Wet Drum Separator - Model CX

The main features are:
    • Optimised counter-rotational design for maximum recovery of 

    • Constructed on high volume, low velocity principle, thus ensuring 
      high efficiency, even on larger throughputs.

    • Tolerant of surges.
    • Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel tank.
    • Re-designed tailings tank to prevent blockages.
    • Integral inspection ports.
    • Drum widths from 941mm to 3000mm.
    • Vertical and lateral drum adjustments.
    • Adjustable weir across full drum.
High strength magnets with extended magnetic arc for maximum 

The advantages of the Wet Drum Separator are:
    • Very high recovery of magnetics - losses as low as 0.4kg/tonne
      of magnetite have been achieved.
    • Magnetics SG up to 2.3 possible.
    • Surge fluctuations in feed can be tolerated without greatly
      affecting recovery.

    • Higher feed capacities than conventional designs.

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