Trommel Magnets

This powerful system automatically separates and removes processing balls and ferrous chips from milled ore in ball/SAG mills.

Trommel Magnets

The Trunnion Magnet System bolts directly to the ball mill discharge flange to provide
continuous magnetic collection of the grinding ball fragments. A permanent magnetic circuit collects the grinding ball fragments and discharges them to a collection hopper. Grinding ball fragments discharging from ball mills cause extreme wear to downstream processing equipment. These ball fragments, circulating in a milling circuit, will cause excessive wear to sumps, pumps, hydrocyclones and interconnecting piping. Grinding ball fragments contribute very little to the grinding process while consuming power.

  • Permanent magnetic circuit designed to provide maximum performance
  • No energy consumption
  • Rugged construction ensures long service life
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Continuous "Operator Free" process

Download the M&MP Paper by Dan Walsh and examine the effect of tramp iron grinding steel on grinding efficiency and the impact of iron fines on froth flotation and cyanidation.

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