Shred1™ Ballistic Separator

Automatically Produces a Premium Low-Copper Shred

Shred1™ Ballistic Separator

Shred1™ from Eriez uses ballistics to efficiently separate iron-rich ferrous from much of the mixed metals and waste material in the post drum magnet flow.  This new separator delivers three distinct fractions… a premium low-copper ferrous product, a traditional #2 shred and a heavy/light/waste mix.

The Shred1 ballistic separator combined with a P-Rex™ permanent rare earth magnetic drum improves the entire process.  Not only does this new CleanStream™ process recover more ferrous and concentrate 75% of the post drum magnet flow into a low-copper premium shred, but it also eliminates the need for a scavenger magnet, a z-box air system and hand picking the entire flow.



Shred1's Two Fractions

Fraction 1

•Produces a low-copper shred
•70 to 80% of flow
•Contains less than 0.2% copper, can be below 0.17% Cu

The first fraction is a high value, low-copper content ferrous product worth more than a #2 grade fraction. Demand for this premium product is on the rise.

Fraction 2

•Produces a #2 Shred
•20 to 30% of flow
•Copper/steel and Aluminum/steel removed items are forced into this fraction.

This second fraction represents less than 30% of the flow and contains mostly mixed metals, copper and aluminum with steel housings or cores. Hand sorting can be accomplished with relative ease compared to this picking of the full 100%. Value of Cu pickings will increase. 

The Value of a Premium Ferrous Product

Clearly, worldwide demand for steel is on the rise.  Scrap processors able to supply steel mills with a very high-grade ferrous product are positioned well for the future.

However, with decline in availability of pure, high-quality industrial scrap, processors are shredding more "consumer waste" than ever before.  Post-consumer waste, items like autos and appliances, contain lots of motors, condensers, wire harnesses as well as cast aluminum pieces all of which have steel housing, shafts or cores.  This presents a big problem for most yards using current processing technology.  the CleanStream ferrous process changes this dynamic and allows processors to differentiate themselves with a premium ferrous shred and demand a higher value per ton.

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