Rotary Carousel Unit

Multi-station sample unit for multiple final samples.

Rotary Carousel Unit

The sample collecting station(carousel) is used as a means of automatically collecting and storing a number of discrete sample increments in individual vessels. The carousel can be separated into three major elements: the housing, the rotating mechanism incorporating turntable and swivel bearing, and the geared motor assembly complete with ball bearing and “Oldham" coupling.

The number of containers and holding capacity is selected to suit the requirements of the specific application.  Access to the sample containers for removal and replacement is through hinged access doors on one side but all side panels may be removed for maintenance purposes. On a signal from the control panel the turntable indexes round to position a sample container below the collecting station feed inlet. The turntable travel is terminated by the action of the magnetic brake on the motor drive assembly, activated by a proximity switch. On the container reaching its position below the feed inlet, the container is automatically lifted to seal against the ingress of dust during filling. The turntable is arranged for direct drive through a rigid coupling. The inlet seal mechanism is operated by the action of an electrically driven linear actuator.


  • Low friction roller table container support systems
  • Carousel can have 4 to 10 stations depending on container size
  • Container size up to 120 ltrs (31.7 gal)


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