RCS Rougher Cleaner Scavenger System

Positioned downstream of ferrous separation equipment Eriez' new RCS Rougher, Cleaner, Scavenger nonferrous process system employs three ECS units in a specific sequence to product a high-grade zorba while maximizing recovery. This type of RCS systems has been used successfully in high-value mineral processing and mining operations for decades. In an ASR environment, the ECS setup is as follows:

The Rougher is set to "aggressively" maximize recovery of nonferrous metals.

The Scavenger recovers any zorba misplaced by the Rougher.

The Cleaner removes unwanted materials from the final zorba product.

Material Recirculation combines the rejected cleaner product and the recovered scavenger product to be reprocessed ultimately leading to greater recovery.

An RCS System with a "rougher," "cleaner" and "scavenger" yields up 98% recovery while meeting a 98% metals quality standard.

Eriez' research revealed that the difference in recovery between a single (traditional) eddy and an RCS system from eriez on a 10 tons-per-day plant is $2,310 per day, which is equal to earning an additional $508,200 per year assuming a 220-day work calendar.

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