P-Rex® Scrap Drum

Eriez’ innovative P-Rex® and eP-Rex Drum Magnets represent great advancements in magnetic circuit design achieving ferrous recovery rates beyond what is possible with standard electromagnets.

P-Rex® Scrap Drum

P-Rex’s powerful permanent magnetic circuit designed using sophisticated modeling techniques is up to 40% stronger than an electro and is capable of moving large spherical objects at twice the distance!  Current electromagnetic drum technology simply is not capable of sustaining a deep enough magnet field to attract much of the “heavy spherical” ferrous during scrap metal processing.  These heavy spheres, referred to as meatballs or knuckles, often contain valuable nonferrous metals and represent the most difficult type of object to capture magnetically.  While P-Rex maintains a constant strength profile, all electros are subject to significant strength loss due to heat gain… typically around 40% within three hours of start up!

Watch an animation showing how P-Rex84 Underflow Process ensures the cleanest ferrous product possible by removing the fluff without the use of air.

P-Rex® Benefits:

  • 40% Stronger during operation
  • Significantly wider pick-up zone
  • Edge-to-Edge performance
  • No heat induced strength loss
  • Agitates and flips ferrous
  • Optional retractable jaw
Scrap Magazine - Read about how the P-Rex provides a different approach to Meatballs in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue.
A Magnet’s Toughest Challenge
Spheres are the most difficult objects to capture magnetically. Add to that, in scrap processing, many of these objects contain nonferrous wire such as copper, making magnetic attraction even more difficult. P-Rex is up to the challenge… able to reach into the shredded material and remove even these difficult meatballs.

Traction Plate™ Drum Wrap
Eriez' new Traction Plate™ Drum Wrap significantly improves cleaning action by gripping ferrous, allowing it to agitate on the face of the drum and releasing fluff and dirt.  The Traction Plate keeps the ferrous from sliding down and "clumping" on the cleat, which entrains more dirt and fluff.  Watch the video to see it in action!


  • Innovative deep recessed pattern
  • Made of durable magalloy
  • Shorter cleat height

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