PM Rare Earth Magnetic Grate-In-Housing

Eriez PM Rare Earth GIH is the most powerful magnetic separator in the plastics industry. These strong grate magnets capture and hold fine ferrous and weakly magnetic particles, even when the metal is encapsulated in resin pellets.

PM Rare Earth Magnetic Grate-In-Housing

This prevents mold and machine downtime, costly equipment damage and product contamination.

Molders of both virgin and reprocessed materials, profit by removing steel with these very strong PM RE Grates, which keeps hot runner tools and molds with small valve gates up and running.  Barrel, screw and mold wear caused by metal contamination is reduced and so are your monthly repair expenses.

The PM RE magnets are suitable for operating temperatures up to 250 F.  These 1” diameter permanent magnets are located on 2” centerlines.  There are two banks of magnets with staggered spacing for highly effective ferrous separation.

The heavy duty stainless housing is available in three sizes which are customized providing a range of inlet & outlet sizes, flange sizes and mounting holes or threaded studs.  A material shutoff gate and quick release, clear door are standard.  The PM RE GIH is installed above the feed throat of extruders, injection molding machines and compounding equipment.

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