Permanent Magnetic Separators - DF High Speed Drum

High strength magnetic material w/high speed.

Permanent Magnetic Separators - DF High Speed Drum

This drum is for automatic continuous concentration of magnetic ores, removal of magnetite from fly ash, purification of ground slag, foundry sand, cement and minerals.


Different applications require unique configurations of features and the Eriez line includes models for every purpose. Different magnetic elements and shell speeds are indicated for materials of various sizes and magnetic permeabilities. Eriez provides elements with a varying number of poles in axial (agitating) field design to produce high grade magnetic concentrates plus a high strength radial (nonagitating) field design for use where a clean, non–magnetic product is the most important consideration. A wide range of peripheral drum speeds variable from 300 to 1500 fpm (91 to 457 mpm) is provided to suit all applications. Capacity per unit of magnetic width varies from approximately 5 to 40 tph per foot (14.7 to 119.0 mtph per meter) and depends to a great extent on feed particle size, magnetic permeability and drum speed.

All DF Separator models require a feed with certain common characteristics. The magnetic fraction to be separated must be ferromagnetic and dry, and the feed size should be –1" (–25 mm). Selectivity increases when the products to be separated are within four Tyler mesh sizes. moisture adversely affects separator performance but can be tolerated as long as the feed is free–flowing.

Capacity, grade and recovery are directly related to the peripheral speed of the drum. For high recovery of magnetics or purification of non–magnetics coarser than 1/8" (3mm), the model DF-A10 or DF-r at a relatively slow peripheral shell speed is used. The DF-A25 is used at moderate speeds for cobbing or roughing concentration jobs. When a very high grade, finished magnetic concentrate is desired, the DF-A50 is used at a higher shell speed.


Some operations require the use of multiple stage treatment. For example, in iron ore benefication a first stage cobbing provides a high recovery, low grade concentrate with minimum loss of magnetics in the tailings. The magnetic concentrate from the first drum is recleaned on the second stage to produce a finished high grade concentrate and a middling product. The middlings can be sent back for further grinding or can be recirculated without grinding.


All of the DF Separator magnetic elements are of permanent magnetic construction which eliminates element maintenance and concern with electrical failures.

The standard drum shell for all DF Drums is 1/8" (3mm) thick 304 stainless steel with a 1/8" (3mm) thick abrasion resistant rubber cover. The extra high strength fields of the Eriez DF Separators permit the use of heavier 1/4" (6mm) rubber liners to give longer wear in severe applications where the maximum field strength of the separator may not be needed. Optional manganese steel covers are also available in place of the rubber covers. Housing end panels have abrasion–resistant rubber lining at product impingement points. For most applications, a vibratory feeder is recommended. Depending on the application, belt feeders are available as an alternate feed method.

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