Mechanical Feeders and Conveyors

Low-horsepower, high-capacity mechanical feeders handle bulk materials in volumes up to 2250tph (2040mtph). Low-profile, requires minimum headroom. Simple, stable, variable controller. Wide variety of trough sizes and types available.

Mechanical Feeders and Conveyors

Eriez offers an extensive product line of tough and rugged machinery for use in today’s heavy industry.  Eriez has a wide variety of mechanical feeders, conveyers and screeners that are suitable to your company’s heavy industrial needs.

Feeders:  When your company needs to move high volumes of bulk materials reliably and economically, the new Eriez Model HVF Mechanical Feeders provide dependably and strength.  These mechanical feeders have a spring coupled two-mass vibrating system which is excited by a motor-driven eccentric shaft.  Adjustable-angle rubber springs, which can be removed and replaced in less than two minutes if required, transmit the exciting force and are capable of fine tuning the motion of the trough to optimize the flow rate for a specific application.

Conveyors:  Eriez has several equipment choices for conveying all types of materials.  Eriez manufactures both single and two mass vibrating systems for the purpose of handling a wide variety of bulk materials.  Eriez Mechanical Conveyors offer simple operation and straight line design which allow for extremely low profiles and ease of maintenance.  Consider the single-mass design of the ERIEZ SM Conveyor, the best value two-mass design of the ERIEZ TM Conveyor, or our most rugged design, the ERIEZ HVC Conveyor.

Eries offers a vast array of Vibratory Screeners which provide efficient separation for a wide variety of materials. Standard and heavy duty models are available for a majority of screening applications.  For greater capacities, special units can be ordered with multiple drives. In addition, a wide variety of standard and special trays are available.

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