Mechanical Concentrate Mixers

These mixers eliminate the traditional manual fluid mixing methods which often result in imprecise concentration control.

Mechanical Concentrate Mixers

Keeping tight control of the fluid concentration ensures that the fluid never gets too lean, nor will it ever be too rich.  When the concentration is too lean, the result is often rust, bacterial infestation, and poor tool life.  When the fluid concentration is too rich, the rich mixture will waste expensive coolant concentrate, may cause skin irritation and can adversely affect the metalworking fluid’s cooling ability at the point of cut.

The Eriez Drum Top Mixer is a compact, easy-to-use venturi mixer
for combining water with coolant concentrates.  Water, jetting
through the unit, creates a vacuum that siphons concentrate
from the drum.  A needle valve allows for infinite adjustments
across the mixture range.  Available in 3, 10, and 25 GPM versions, with mixing range adjustable from 2% to 10%, these
units have all-metal construction for maximum durability.

When more accurate and automatic mixing is required, consider the Eriez Proportioner. The Eriez Proportioner is a water-driven, positive displacement proportioner, which dispenses coolant on demand at the desired concentration. Average flow rate is 5 GPM. Mixing ranges are available from 1% to 25%. Special units are also available for highly alkaline parts washing fluids.

The Eriez Proportioner provides consistent concentration at all times despite varying water pressures or fluid levels in supply containers.  Because it is driven by the plant’s water supply pressure, it also can be used to supply properly mixed fluid through overhead piping to the machine tools without using a booster pump.


  • Concentration control
  • Reduces concentrate waste
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Nonelectrical
  • Adjustable

Water Flow Rate:

5.0 US gpm (19 lpm) noted average flow rate

Mixture Range:
  • 8 oz. E.M. 1% to 4%
  • 16 oz. S.S. 1% to 8%
  • 32 oz. X.L. 2% to 15%

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