Positioned under conveyor belts, Magna-Rails hold ferrous parts firmly to the belt even at high speeds up or down inclines as steep as 90 degrees.


Eriez offers three types of Magna-Rails:

Electro Magna-Rail: Allows magnetic power to be turned on/off. Available in 12-in. (304 mm) length increments (and special lengths), Electro Rails are often used on magnetic belt conveyors at points where ferrous parts are either to be attracted to the belt or released.

Permanent Alnico Magna-Rail: Eriez Magna-Rails powered by Erium 45 permanent Alnico magnet material are ideal for use in higher temperature (consult your Eriez representative) and water-bath applications. For water-bath or high temp applications.

Permanent Ceramic Magna-Rail: Powered by Erium 25 permanent ceramic magnet material are availale in lengths up to 10-feet (3m) to firmly hold ferrous parts onto conveyor belts. Also ideal for inclines as steep as 90 degrees.

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