Grate Magnets

Extract small and fine iron when installed in steep-sloped, odd and irregular-shaped hoppers, vertical closed chutes and ducts. Available with EriumĀ® Rare Earth in all models, including drawer and wing-type grates, Grates in Housing and Rota-Grates.

Grate Magnets

The use of permanent magnetic separators helps draw out fine tramp metal along critical points of the production line. These separators come in different styles and in various magnetic strengths, depending upon the application. Periodically, they all need to be tested to monitor magnet performance.

Most industrial magnet manufacturers have adopted standard test equipment that measures the holding force of a magnet. Periodic testing of magnets helps determine whether a magnet needs to be repaired, upgraded or replaced. Here are some rules to follow to make sure you are using standard operating procedure when field testing magnetic strength to attain the most accurate results.

Know the proper steps to test for magnetic strength after reading this article in Food Manufacturing.

Need to check your magnet strength?  Eriez Pull Test Kit video will take you through our magnet inspection procedure step by step. 

Need some additional help?  Contact us directly for documented instructions, guidelines and real in-person support.

Rare earth magnets demonstrate metal detection to Hershey plant visitors while keeping the “Create Your Own Candy Bar” attraction safe and contaminant-free. 

Select models and sizes are available through our EriezXpress quick ship program.

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