Compact Filter Systems

These are just a few of the compact products available from Eriez HYDROFLOW® FILTRATION SYSTEMS. In addition to these standard products, we offer Engineered Filtration Solutions for individual or multiple machines; including complete design of the coolant transfer, temperature control, tramp oil removal and proper make-up. We also offer the best in Coolant Management and Coolant Recycling for central systems and individual machine sumps.

Compact Filter Systems

Compact Filter Systems
Gravity Filter Systems

The HydroFlow® Gravity Filter System product line refers to filters that use gravity to force the dirty coolant through the filtration media. The systems are primarily used for industrial machine applications but large flow cell type systems can be offered. The Gravity Paper Systems employ disposable roll media for filtration and are ideal for grinding applications. The Gravity Drum System employs a permanent stainless steel or nylon mesh filter media and are ideal for machining applications, particularly aluminum machining where floating chips are present. Standard units are designed with low coolant entry height allowing for gravity return from the machine tool.
Magnetic Coolant Cleaners
As a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with the Gravity Bed Filters, the Magnetic Coolant Cleaner provides media free removal of ferrous contaminants down to 50 micron.
Hydrocyclone Separators
The Hydrocyclone is a media free system that uses centrifugal force, created by a feed pump to separate solids from liquids. The dirty coolant enters the cone through a vortex tube which causes the coolant to swirl downward. The solids in the coolant are forced to the outside of the cone and exit through an underflow outlet at the bottom. Clean coolant flows back up through the vortex column and is discharged out the top of the cone.

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