Burn Table Lift Magnet System

Burn Table Lift Magnet System

The new air-operated Burn Table Lift Magnet System from Eriez®
easily and quickly moves multiple parts or cut-outs up and off of burn tables. With
a powerful magnetic circuit design, this advanced transfer system can also lift
single sheets or plates up to three inches thick from a stack to load the table.

Eriez’ Burn Table Lift Magnet System improves productivity and creates a safer
work environment by eliminating manual handling of multiple parts and the need
for operators to climb on burn tables. This system can positively and significantly
impact a company’s bottom line through reduced labor and table downtime.

This new Burn Table Lift Magnet System features an innovative design with an
extremely powerful and wide magnetic surface area. When activated, a stainless
steel stripper pan retracts to engage the steel parts with a very high magnetic
holding force. To release, air cylinders push the stripper pan away from the
magnetic head to create a gap and break the holding force.

Since Eriez’ Burn Table Lift Magnet System utilizes permanent magnets and does not require a controller, there are no power failure concerns. Standard models include 24, 48 and 120-inch designs to accommodate most common plate or sheet sizes.

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