Bi-Polar Lifting Magnets - Rectangular

Specifically designed to provide greater contact and holding strength on castings, forgings, plates and structural shapes.

Bi-Polar Lifting Magnets - Rectangular

Magnets possess a unique property of attraction which can be harnessed to ease and speed one’s work. The payoff is an immediate improvement in efficiency and operating economy.Magnets lift and transfer steel and iron of any weight and shape without slings, hooks or cables--and without marring the surface. They require fewer operators and helpers, and when properly installed and operated, provide greater safety than many other mechanical materials handling devices.

Making the most efficient and economical selection of lifting magnets (whether electro or permanent—whether single magnet or multiple arrangement of magnets) to pile, to unpile or to lift and move steel plate and shapes requires a full knowledge of the application.The factors that have bearing on the lifting magnet selection for any specific application are:

• Weight, shape and area to be lifted• Surface condition of load and magnet
• Stiffness or flexibility of load• Range of sizes and shapes to be lifted by the magnet or magnets
• Interpretation of magnet lifting power when less than full magnet face is utilized Eriez specialists are always available to consult on your specific needs—whether it’s for a single magnet or a series of magnets engineered into an efficient materials-handling system that reduces your costs.

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