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Materials:Ball Bearings, Grits

Featured Product:  - Xtractor eliminated ferrous contamination from coolant


The precision machined ball bearings fabricated at Kilian Manufacturing Corp., in Syracuse, NY, USA are used in automotive and aerospace, as well as in general industry. Cutting and grinding of the spherical bearing rollers produced steel chips and small fines that were difficult and expensive to remove from the machine tool coolant. Much of that oil could not be reclaimed and had to be replaced with new coolant.


Kilian's Quality Control Engineer added an Eriez Xtractor® Rare Earth Coolant Cleaner to the coolant reclamation system and now reports the discharge to be virtually free of ferrous contamination. Kilian's maintenance staff had been changing a 200-micron filter twice a day, but are now doing it only once a week.

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