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Materials:Alumina Powder, Abrasives, Chemicals, Glass, Microelectronics, Minerals, Talc

Featured Product:  - DVMF removed fine ferrous contaminants


This fine powder (minus 15 microns) is used in the production of automobile catalytic converters. A major supplier had 300 drums already in transit or ready for shipment to Toyota Japan when it was discovered that paramagnetic contaminants were present in the powder.


A sample of the material was immediately sent to Eriez' Central Test Laboratory to determine the most efficient method of removing the ferrous contaminants.

Tests indicated that a Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filter would be ideal for the process. Once shipped and installed, the DVMF captured and held the magnetic fraction in a magnetically charged matrix, while the nonmagnetic portion passed through the filter, ready for production.

Eriez' Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filters are typically used in the manufacture of high-purity glass, chemicals, abrasives, metal powders, talc and microelectronics.

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