Eriez "HD" series

High deflection feeders achieve an unparalleled 3/16" amplitude to handle the most difficult materials.

Eriez "HD" series

Eriez' HD Model High Deflection feeders offer capabilities never before possible in an electromagnetic vibratory feeder. Previously difficult to feed materials such as fine powders (talc or flour) or leafy products like lettuce and sticky candies such as Gummy Bears are no match for the 3/16" stroke of the HD feeder. Travel speeds to 80 feet per minute (24 mtrs/min)  and throughputs ranging from 150 to 700 cu ft/hr ( 4.25 to 20 cu mtrs/hr)  make these feeders ideal for packaging and other difficult applications.

Click here to see Eriez electromagnetic feeders integrated with a Frazier & Son bucket elevator. An Eriez HD-56 feeder provides even product distribution across the elevator buckets and removes sugar fines at the elevator in-feed. The HD-66 feeder at the discharge of the bucket elevator incorporates a screen section for further fines removal and includes a peripheral discharge for uniform candy distribution for a radial scale. 
Eriez HD feeders are available in four models to meet your application requirements.

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