Unlike any other product in the market, the SumpDoc™ is an all-in-one portable fluid recycling system that will completely filter and rejuvenate metalworking fluids in a machine tool sump without interrupting production.


Eriez HydroFlow SumpDoc™ Portable Fluid Recycling System allows shop personnel to position the unit alongside the machine tool sump and treat the existing coolant while continuing to operate the machine tool.  The portable Eriez HydroFlow SumpDoc™ system consists of the following features:
• 110-V single phase control voltage
• Automatic OSD-2 Westphalia High Speed Centrifuge
• Continuous-flow tramp oil coalescer – single cube HydroFlow Coalescer
• Pleated bag filter and housing for removing solids
• Air operated diaphragm pump to pull coolant from sump and pump through system
• Hosing, piping, and valves to allow coolant to be pulled from sump, filtered, tramp oil treated, and coolant return to the sump to create “scrubbing” turbulence in machine sump
• Coolant make-up system with proportioner and “on board” coolant concentrate tank
• Simple electrical controls with microprocessor based controller with operator “dash board”.
• Five-gallon on-board HDPE containers: one for tramp oil, one for centrifuge backwash, and
one for coolant concentrate/chemical storage
• Clearwater Technologies Microzone 300 ozone generator for microbiological treatment

SumpDoc™ Mobility – for ease of moving your Eriez HydroFlow SumpDoc™ from sump to sump or even building to building, the system is integrated with the Crown WP 3000 series “Walkie” pallet truck (photograph at left).  With the industrial battery and built-in charger, the 24-Volt Crown unit will move theSumpDoc™ wherever needed with up to 300 amp hours of operation.  The pallet truck is integral and affixed to the SumpDoc™ and is removable for separate maintenance as required.  Automatic braking capabilities of the pallet truck provide additional safety of moving the SumpDoc™ into position.

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