Suspended Electromagnets - 7000 Series

SE magnets remove damaging tramp iron from materials conveyed in heavy burden depths on flat conveyors or chutes.

Suspended Electromagnets - 7000 Series

Safely and automatically remove tramp iron from heavy product flows like wood, coal, or rock being conveyed on belts, vibratory feeders or chutes. UL-Listed construction available on units for use in hazardous, dusty and gassy locations. Approved by other leading safety agencies.  When designed with a continuously rotating belt, these magnets are self-cleaning.
Eriez 7000 Series Suspended Electromagnets now feature a 5-year coil warranty, longest in the industry!
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Select sizes of this equipment are available for NEXT DAY shipment from the EriezXpress Program.  Other sizes are availble for shipment in TEN DAYS from the 10-Day Xpress Program.

Special Features:

The Eriez Hi-Gradient Circuit, scientifically balanced to make full use of the magnet’s high permeability steel members for most efficient magnetic field distribution, produces maximum-force density at a selected working distance from the magnet face. The magnet is fabricated from heavy-steel plate with a thick, manganese, steel bottom plate. The Series 7000 magnet is structurally rugged and built to last.

Air-cooled, dry-type electromagnets require no coolant fluids, and reduce power consumption by 50%.

Exclusive External Oil Expansion tank

This unique feature has helped prevent coil burnout on thousands of Eriez oil-cooled electromagnets. Heat and moisture, the greatest enemies of electromagnets, are effectively controlled by the expansion tank which assures that the coils are always completely covered with cooling oil. Competitive units provide air space within the magnet housing where damaging condensation forms when moist air seeps in through the pressure relief valve as the magnet cools. Eriez’ expansion tank traps this moisture and keeps it out of the magnet, resulting in many years of reliable service.

Styles and Models
MC Models (Manual Cleaning)
All MC models are cleaned of accumulated tramp iron by turning off magnet power periodically. They are recommended for use where only occasional pieces or small amounts of iron may contaminate the material flow. Standard mounting hardware consists of adjustable suspension sling. MC models can be easily converted to SC styles giving great flexibility for changing conditions.

SC Models (Self Cleaning)
SC Models provide completely automatic iron removal and can be installed in an “in line” position (SC-1) or in a “cross belt” position (SC-2). Each of the two self-cleaning configurations is designed to suit specific conditions and requirements. Space and clearance, conveyor belt speed, burden depth, tramp iron size, etc., are factors that dictate choice of style.

Both SC Models incorporate a short-belt conveyor built around the magnet to effect automatic removal of tramp iron from the magnet face. This system features a rubber conveyor belt, bearings, rugged but simple continuous channel frame, adjustable take-ups and shaft-mounted reducer with V–belt coupling to a TEfC motor. • Optional mounting hardware consists of turnbuckles.• All style SC units are easily demountable from SC conveyor and can be used independently as MC units.Options A wide choice of options is available to assure peak performance in unique or difficult applications.

Some of these are:
• Steel dust enclosures for magnet installation in dusty locations
• Explosion–proof motors
• Static-conducting belts
• Special belts for abrasive, hot or difficult applications
• Conveyor speed switches
• Magnet load monitor


The largest SER 700 Electromagnet ever built, according to the Guinness Book Of Records, was manufactured in Erie, Pennsylvania by Eriez and installed in the Radomiro Tomic Copper Mine (A Division of Codelco) in Northern Chile. Click here for another installation photo.

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