Rotating grate processes material that would otherwise bridge traditional grate assemblies (flour, cocoa or starch). Eriez' Rota-Grate® reel incorporates Erium™ Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material to remove ferrous contamination from light fluffy products as it rotates through the product flow.


Eriez manufactures standard Rota-Grates but will custom design anything to fit your installation requirements. Typical units include a rectangular housing that holds a reel of powerful tube magnets that attract and hold fine ferrous contamination as it rotates through the product flow. Optional features include adapters to transition your product flow into the grate housing, removable tube assemblies for easy cleaning, and explosion proof drives for hazardous .

The grate reel is cleaned within the housing or, with our Easy to Clean unit, individual tubes are removed for manual removal of accumulated tramp metal. Eriez CR2 Ceramic grates offer twice the strength of traditional ceramic magnet circuits while Eriez Rare Earth grates provide the strongest pull test of all Rare Earth tube magnets.

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