Rare Earth Aftermarket Grates

These powerful Rare Earth aftermarket grates simply slide into most existing drawer magnet housings, immediately improving separation performance and your bottom line. Installation time is less than five minutes. Four sizes are available and they can even be used with mild steel housings!

Rare Earth Aftermarket Grates

Eriez aftermarket Rare Earth drawer magnet assembly will improve your profitability by preventing costly defects, plugged valve gates, machine damage and downtime with the following features.

  • Rare Earth magnets which are up to 3X stronger than competitor RE magnets and 50X stronger than many ceramic magnets
  • Improved tube spacing for superior tramp metal recovery
  • Ability to capture and hold fine and weakly magnetic particles
  • Magnets handle resin temperatures up to 250 F
  • Adhesive backed gaskets are included for customer installation on the door or housing
  • Our RE drawers even work with mild steel housings due to our unique guide rod design

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