Large Drum Magnet Separators - Permanent

No electrical power required.

Large Drum Magnet Separators - Permanent

These Scrap Drums use Erium™ permanent magnet material and bucking poles to project a deep magnetic field for removal from distances of up to 15 inches (380 mm). Options include support frames, drive packages etc.

The innovative, new PokerSort helps alleviate issues caused by long rod-like pieces typically over 24 inches in length, commonly referred to as pokers, that can damage downstream equipment in automobile and other metal scrap operations.

“Pokers, as their name implies, often poke through conveyor belts, causing jams and bridging conditions that can shut down an entire facility,” says Brian Vrablic, Sales Engineer. “Even a few minutes of downtime can cost thousands of dollars in saleable product.” He explains, “Previously, unreliable conventional poker removal systems were the only option for dealing with troublesome pokers—but now there’s a better solution: Eriez’ PokerSort.”

Utilizing a special magnetic drum positioned at the end of the shredder discharge belt, Eriez’ innovative PokerSort separates pokers as they catapult off the end of the belt with a different trajectory than the rest of the shredded material or “frag.” A PokerSort test unit was installed at Erie, PA-based Liberty Iron & Metal LLC. in late 2011 and on-site testing has proven the PokerSort’s remarkable performance with 90 percent of pokers eliminated.

“Pokers in the frag stream is an age-old and extremely common problem in the recycling industry,” says Mike Shattuck, Heavy Industry Project Manager. “We listened to our customers, studied the situation and set out to develop a solution.”

“The PokerSort is just one more example of customer need driving Eriez innovation,” says Tim Shuttleworth, Eriez President and CEO. “With Eriez’ 70 years in business, one of our main objectives has been to design equipment to help customers solve their toughest challenges.” He adds, “We are committed to ongoing investment in R&D so that we can continue to introduce cutting-edge products, such as PokerSort, that enable our customers to become more efficient and profitable.”

The PokerSort will be officially introduced at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) 2012 Show in April. To learn more about Eriez’ extensive line of revolutionary products for the recycling industry, visit

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