Metalworking Materials Separation

Eriez provides a wide range of products to separate materials in the Metalworking Industry

Metalworking Materials Separation

Reducing tramp oil is a high priority for all metalworking shops.  Excess tramp oil leads to

  • Smoke, mist, and bacterial infestation of the metalworking fluids.
  • Surface finish imperfections.
  • Reduced tool life and dimensional tolerance control.
  • Skin irritations such as dermatitis.

Partially emulsified tramp oils in coolants are the most dangerous and difficult to remove.  Removing this type of oil requires an Eriez high-speed centrifuge which delivers exceptionally clean fluid with tramp oil levels below 0.5% and metallic solids in the 2 to 5 micron range.

Solids collect in individual machine tool sumps and in large central systems.  It's important to efficiently remove these chips and fines as they have a detrimental effect on coolant performance and longevity as well as causing lost production and headaches during removal.

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