Metal Detectors - Coal Industry

Eriez Metal Detectors will find ferrous or nonferrous tramp metal in the process stream. Contact us for assistance in selecting the appropriate model for your application.

Metal Detectors - Coal Industry

Eriez offers a variety of Metal Detectors, each designed for easy installation on existing conveyor systems — without cutting the belt! They are sensitive to ferrous and nonferrous metals and are built for rugged outdoor use.

Eriez provides Engineering Services to cover a wide range of functions, assistance, and support. Engineering features related to specific equipment and coal processing are as follows:

•Equipment modifications incorporating specific features and options. The equipment may incorporate various options and features applicable to the installation and process.
•Equipment layout and dimensional drawings. Modifications are common to fit an existing plant or provide specific operating characteristics.
•Equipment selection, sizing, material flows and balances. Eriez has a database for accurate sizing and performance.
•In-plant audit to determine production flow rates, material handling aspects, equipment selection and sizing, and predict performance.

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