Magnetic Pulleys - Aggregate Industry

Convert your feed conveyor to a continuously self cleaning magnetic separator simply by adding an Eriez Magnetic Pulley. New axial interpole magnetic field removes unwanted tramp iron from nonmagnetic materials conveyed on a belt.

Magnetic Pulleys - Aggregate Industry

AIP Pulley Construction
All Eriez Permanent Magnet Axial interpole Pulleys are constructed of quality steel center tubes with weld-ed dividers to securely hold magnet stacks. Standard pulley models use powerful ceramic magnets in an axial interpole circuit. Pulleys are all welded heavy duty construction for use in severe applications involv-ing extra long conveyors, heavy loads or start–stop operations. Pulleys are finish painted and hub bore holes are coated to prevent rust or pitting. Options available in the magnetic pulley line include custom pulley face widths, shafts and lagging.

Pulley Operation
The magnetic pulley replaces the head pulley of a belt conveyor, converting the conveyor into a magnetic separator. Material carried on the conveyor belt passes over the magnetic pulley, which holds magnetic particles to the belt until they reach the underside, pass out of the magnetic field and are discharged.

High Temperature Applications
Model AA Pulleys, with a powerful agitating magnetic field, are constructed with Alnico magnet material for use in high temperature applications above 250°f (121°C). They are available in standard diameters of 8, 12, 15 and 18-inches (203, 305, 381 and 457mm), and in widths from 8 to 60-inches (203 to 1524mm). Like all Eriez pulleys, larger sizes can be built to order.

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