Lift Magnet Certification Program

Eriez offers the most complete lift magnet line up and services available today. Whether you need new magnets, or need to have your current magnets repaired, ANSE certified or completely rebuilt, Eriez has a solution for you.

Lift Magnet Repair and Certification

Our services include:
  • Next Day delivery on new magnets through EriezXpress
  • Lift Magnet Certification
  • Lift Magnet Exchange
  • Lift Magnet Refurbishment

Eriez’ Lift Magnet Certification
Eriez’ lift magnets are built in compliance with ASME B30.20. Let Eriez inspect your magnets to ensure they remain in compliance! Our procedure includes:
• Inspection of lift magnet surface and resurfacing of poles, if needed
• Inspection of all other parts
• Replacement of any missing parts
• Repair/replacement of all damaged parts
• Replacement of warning labels and capacity markings
• Load testing and certification
• Eriez Certified repairs come with a one-year “As New” warranty!
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Every magnet repaired by Eriez is returned with a “Certificate of Compliance” guaranteeing our repairs and the load test of your magnet comply with ASME B30.20.

What is ASME B30.20?
American National Standard B30.20 has four primary sections of concern.

Section 20-3.3 is the industry standard for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Close Proximity Operated Lifting Magnets. It includes guidelines on inspection intervals and criteria including:
• Lift magnet surface
• Condition and operation of handles and safety latches
• Condition of lifting bail or eye hook
• Cracked housing, welds or loose bolts
• Warning labels and capacity markings

Section 20-3.3.6 “Dated inspection reports shall be made on critical items”

Section 20-3.3.7 “Any indications of damage disclosed by the inspection requirements …. shall be corrected …. before operation of the lift magnet is resumed.”

Section 20- “Prior to initial use, .… repaired lifting magnets shall be tested by a qualified person and a record be furnished confirming the load rating of the lifting magnet.”

Magnet Exchange Program
Pre-certified refurbished SafeHold® lift magnets are in stock and available to ship within 24 hours!
If your magnet passes our two point inspection;

1) load test within specifications
2) magnet rotor intact and operational, it may qualify for Eriez’ 24 hour exchange program.
• Pre-certified refurbished magnet of same make and model available from stock
• Magnet ships with a “Certificate of Compliance”
• Includes one year “As New”Warranty
• Available only on certain SafeHold models
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Magnet Refurbishment
If your SafeHold lift magnet is not available on the Magnet Exchange Program, we will refurbish it to “As New” condition and ship back to you within 3 to 5 days!
• Magnet ships with a “Certificate of Compliance”
• Includes one year “As New”Warranty
Contact Eriez at 1-888-999-ERIEZ (3743) for pricing on standard refurbishment program.

If inspection of magnet at Eriez indicates internal magnet damage, customer will be contacted for quote and lead time on internal magnet repairs or new magnet. Most new magnets available from stock! 
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How to get started...

1) Contact Eriez for Quote
• Be ready to provide magnet series and model number
• Call 1-888-999-ERIEZ (3743) and ask for lift magnet refurbishment quote
2) Issue PO / Get RGA
• Issue your PO to Eriez and provide contact information of person shipping magnet to Eriez
• Upon receipt of PO, Eriez will issue a Returned Goods Authorization Number (RGA) to be clearly indicated on box and shipping documents of magnet being sent to Eriez
3) Ship Your Magnet to Eriez
• Be sure to label package with RGA number
• Freight to Eriez must be prepaid (collect shipments not accepted)
4) Eriez Inspection and Verification
• Upon receipt, Eriez will perform a two-point inspection to determine magnet qualification
• If qualified, magnet will be exchanged or repaired under the guidelines of the program
• If internal magnet damage is indicated, customer will be contacted for quote and lead time on internal magnet repairs or new magnet
5) Certified Magnet Returned to You!
• Invoice issued upon shipment
• Freight prepaid and added to invoice, unless otherwise agreed and indicated on PO

Contact Eriez at 1-888-999-ERIEZ (3743) for more information.


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